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Leader Replacement Applicator Pin & Nut
Replacement Applicator Pin and Nut for the Aluminium Fast Tagger, Plastic Fast Tagger and Standar..
ALLF APPLICATOR Universal - 22132
Our Original Applicator Through the use of an insert, the Universal Applicator (22132) can be..
Allflex Feedlot Tag Applicator
The Manual Feedlot Tag Applicator is designed for safe feedlot tagging. It's easy to use, wit..
FlexiMatic V2 - 15765
The FlexiMatic V2 (15765) is a Semi-Automatic applicator used for applying Allflex FlexiTags. ..
FlexiTagger Applicator - 15929
The FlexiTagger Applicator (15929) is a Single Shot Applicator used for applying FlexiTags. E..
FlockTagger - 19317
The FlockTagger Applicator (19317) is designed for quick and easy FlockTag application. ..
HDX Sheep Bolus Applicator
This applicator is used to apply the Leader HDX Sheep Bolus. The bolus is inserted in the end and..
IdentiPlier - 22133
The IdentiPlier (22133) Flip-Pin Applicator Through the use of an insert, the Identiplier App..
Leader Deluxe Cattle Applicator
This new blue applicator is now available from Leader Products. New flip out pin design. Will app..
Leader Feedlot Tag Applicator
Applies Feedlot Tags quickly and easily. ..
Leadermatic Applicator Aluminium Bonus Plus Pouch
Fast Application Up To 60% faster for applying the original Leadertags for sheep. Revolutio..
Marking Ring Applicator
Designed for one hand operation in conjunction with standard marking rings or code B rings. C..
Multi 3 in 1 Tag Applicator
Made of high grade stainless steel ensures no rusting. Designed with built in pushers to ensure t..
Multitronic Applicator
The Multitronic Applicator is used to apply RFID multi tags. It is Lightweight and easy to use. ..
RapIDMatic - 22142
The RapIDMatic (22142) is a Semi-Automatic applicator used for applying Allflex RapIDTags. St..